TV Sex Pals Ep.4

Here is the 4th episode of the show"TV Sex Pals", where the experiences of this gender pals continue. Regrettably, Billy dies. Tv sex pals in route from funeral detect Billie's girlfriend standing on the road. She tells them that she was making her money by doing blowjobs. Sex pals try to explain to the girl that prostitution is bad, but then her pimp appears, and gender pals know why a woman can't make any money - she chooses just $ 3 to her services! This set of educational sex cartoons in a funny manner with great black humor informs the story of this boy named Billy, along with his gender pals, which describe to him and his family and friends the intricate world of the sex market. The cartoon has a great voice acting, a lot of humor and is very informative, and in the end you've got an remarkable song!

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