Concubines Of Whoredor

Prepare to turn into the infamous Dark Lord that conducts his grimm kingdom in this dream world - that the volcanic wasteland of Whoredor. Commanding orcish hordes along with generals is all types of joy but if he comes back to his own there is something constantly missing - he wants to screw someone! Following some research involving rather toasted and rather not orc overall he understands where to get exactly what he needs - he will have to pay trip to the grounds of Erolandia! There he meets a fiersome warrior woman knight Nelaana... who doesnt' talk like woman knight in any way! Well, she will develop into a brilliant trophy for Dark Lord then! Now there's a girl to fuck in dark castle... and also fucked Nilaana will be! Perform with the game story mode or style using anime porn scenes just - pick what you will enjoy the most!

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