Today you feel ill and you are in the hospital to find your problem out. A hot and hot nurse orders you to take track of some usual procedures. But we all know that sex is the medication from all ailments.

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Naughty Nurse

In this sport you will end up in the hospital area right from the start. Well, there's nothing to be concerned about because there will be quite alluring yet a bit frisky nurse to take care of you. The game is made as pursuit area where you are able to come across a whole lot of action points trigger them to find various reactions from main personalities and ofcourse love amusing and sensual scenarios they will get in. From making the end that will liftup nurse's robe to slapping her around booty while she is not watching and even mysterious hands hoping to grab our candy brunette's tits! If you can get every treat in the game you'll be rewarded handsomely! And also to maotivate you because of it allows just say next - that hottie isn't the only sexy nurse in this hospital on the change!

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