Rear Factor

Another one game out of Pornholio which will bring on the screen your favourite blonde tramp Charlie! This time it'll be a parody ona fairly in demand TV flash called"Fear Factor". But because Charlie is going to take part this time it'll be called as"Back Factor". Ofcourse toi understand all the jokes you better understand all the folks who are said at the game. However, in the event you have you still can have a lot of jokey moments. And let us be fair - when it comes to Charlie comedy can lightly take back seat and allow the fucky-fucky to drive. Gameplay is still teh same - you see short scene telling you the story. Ofcourse you will not know where this choice will lead you but hookup scene there will be for sure!

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Alice – Erection Race

Well, in case you always thought that political effort may give an extra chance in seducing hot assistants then you will like this game. You'll be playing as senator and Alice will become your sexy blonde assistant. She iis ready to do a great deal to help you into this erection race. Yepnot even election race - erectile dysfunction race! This is game after all. So you won't only taking conversation with various people and attempt to boost the count of your own votes but also attempt to catch the moment at which you and Alice can slink out to the motel area and do a reall hot one on one arguments there! Sexual minigames are contained. And this might seem a mistery but in this situation your choices will be impacting your votes count - so don't screw up using Alice tonight!

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