It is veryusual thing to have an adult paroy on some popular sportthese days. And today"League of Legends" is extremelypopular! Quite simply you maysatisfysome of the lovers' favouritecharacters in the other sort of hot action than you everused to. To be more specific - you'llmeet Katarina and Garen. You will take the areaof Garen and Katarina will... offeryou sometitjob! And they'llhave not too longbecause their gameagainst everyother is next. You can command her to go slower or fasterand enjoy the view of her well and biganimated breastsmaking a fantastic job! When you will feel that it is time you can click cum button and takea whole great dealof hot sticky goo all over her breastsand pretty face! Thenthere'llbe a briefaction scene that will result infirst blood in the match!

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