Monster Hunter

Dungeon Sex Slave Level 3

This game is a simulation of run away out of medieval basement. You could take it as a few dream rpg at first-ever but just until the moment you will satisfy a few ugly goblin who really tired of fucking the brick wall and is planning to fuck you (quite an important moment - you will be enjoying as female knight who's only blade and shield left of all of her armor set). But to discover an exit won't be enough - you'll also need to locate three switches which can unlock the doorway. And of course these buttons will be guarded by the most reckless and insane creatures... yet don't worry - instead of murdering ginger-haired beauty they may just send her right back to the beginning. Use arrow key to stir around the basement maze and then press H button to obtain an ingame help if needed.

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Swimming Pool Monster: Full Version

In this game you will find a pretty infrequent opportunity to play as sea monster with tentacles. Some might call him just an octopus but where are you noticed green octopus dressed in pirate hat and sexy for human chicks? Thus tentacled sea monster this will be! The principal goal of the game would be to smack as many amazing booties as you can. Watch these hot honeys in swimsuit swimsuit walking around the pool and if you see an opprtunity just spank their butts. They'll attempt to runaway but you still may attempt to spank them one or two times longer - it will bring you additional points. To complete the level make sure that you have read and comprehend the winning demands for it. Will you be able to finish all 10 levels of terrorizing and fucking those lovely honies?

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