Seekers: Dirty Ways

Like it typically occurs in the"Seekers" series of hentai games you'll get acces into three different short stories that are animated. Just select one which you need to see right now and love (and don't forget to use arrow buttons to accelerate or slow down the intencity of the process)! In the first-ever story you will see Garcia and Kyososho introduced Naotara into theri ways that are filthy. In the second story the tactician is baffl;ed from the enemy's underhandedness so today Naotara will have to teach him some dirty tricks of her own. And at teh 3rd scene you will witness Naotara throughout her diplomatic assignment to convince a nearby daimyo and will meet athe youthful lord that has a dirty idea for its tribute. When you have enjoyed these plain and titillating hentai minutes then you need to visit our website at which we've got more of them!

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