Sex Slave

Dungeon Sex Slave Level 4

The dark and chilly labyrinth in which is full of traps, dead finishes and heinous creatures. On the walls suspend cushions. In the semi-darkness you find the traces of a female figure. A gorgeous huge torso, a pretty face. . Who you're How did you get here. How do you find a way out of the phat maze. Use the arrow buttons to stir around the maze. On occasion you will meet other damsels. They're knocked up and they are encircled by some unusual slime. Exactly what the hell is going on here. The only gate was locked. You want to discover the key. Suddenly you hear that a intense breath supporting your back. You turn around and see a enormous green monster with a big dick that looks at you angrily and depravedly. He wishes to kill you or kill you toughly.

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